Wordbox accepts translation projects in all language combinations and on all subjects, making use of its extensive team of freelance translators to provide clients with a fast and reliable service.

From a few sentences to a book-length report, from architecture to zoology, Wordbox will deliver.

Contact us with a description of the translation job and we will send you a quote.

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Sometimes simply translating the text is not sufficient to create a product tailored to its target audience and full localization is required.

The Wordbox team has experience of localizing non-fiction books, reference titles, language-learning and other educational products, both print and online.

Key to successful localization is in-depth understanding of the target audience, acute cultural sensitivity and close attention to detail. Wordbox has all of these attributes.

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The Wordbox team has managed many extremely large and complicated publishing projects.

These include non-fiction, dictionary, language-learning and phrasebook projects involving dozens of international contributors.

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Patrick White provides consultancy services for language and reference publishers, and organizations developing language policies.

Drawing on his experience at senior management level with Chambers Harrap Publishers within the Larousse and Hachette Groups, Patrick provides high-level detailed strategic reports.

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Wordbox offers the full range of editorial services, carried out to the highest quality. These services include originating copy, quality control, copy-editing, proofreading, fact-checking and rewriting.

We have particular expertise in all areas of lexicographical and reference work, on both monolingual and bilingual titles.

Contact us with a description of the work required and we will send you a quote.

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Wordbox can provide a complete packaging service for print and digital products. We take on board the whole of the content origination and editorial quality control right up to final proof stages, working to the brief, schedule and budget that we have agreed with our client.

We can also offer the "complete package" to include design, typesetting and picture research in conjunction with our partner company Sharon Mcteir Creative Publishing Services.

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Why choose Wordbox?

  • Natural translations

  • The highest quality

  • All translations checked and reread

  • No project too big, none too small

  • Complete packaging service

All translation customers new to Wordbox can receive up to 500 words of text translated free of charge for the language combinations French-English, German-English, Spanish-English, Portuguese-English, English-French, Spanish-French, German-French, English-Spanish, French-Spanish and Portuguese-Spanish.

Contact us with a description of your translation requirements.

Contact us with a description of your requirements, and a sample of any text to be translated, and we will reply with a quote.